How to Make Highlight Script Box Html, Css, Html5, JQuery, JavaScript on Blog:

The discussion at this time is how to create a box where the html code, Javascript for blogs, with a black appearance on the background and green text.
This is often used by Blog masters in pouring a tutorial that is always related to the Html Css JavaScript Template in an effort to build a Blog.

Indeed, if viewed from its appearance, the blog will look more professional in adding html code that is presented.

Maybe also with a display like this can make the visitors like the look of the blog offered or used.

OK, here is a method or html code that you need to attach to your blogger template. The steps are as follows.

  • First, visit Blogger, Login and go to Dasbhord of course.

  • Secondly, go ahead guys, select a theme and click on "Edit Template".

  • Use CTRL-F and type "]]>< /b:skin>" or "< /style>"

  • If so, then copy the code below and paste it directly above the tag "]]>< /b:skin>"
    Then click save theme.

If you have pasted the code above, then the next step is how to apply it in writing a post, so that the above code can function. In the following way:

  • Open the blogger dashboard

  • Click new entry

  • Choose HTML Mode and paste the code below

  • Then if it's installed, click Compose mode again.

  • Enter your text or html code that you want to publish, with the note delete the contents of "Fill Html here"

Now if it has been copied, the code above can be input only by writing a post, click html, paste the code above, click Compose mode again and paste the html code.
Really easy right?

That's the html code that you can use to create a very cool border script box for your blogs.
You can also adjust or edit the code that has been pasted on the tag "]]> < /b:skin>" skin, such as the code for the base color of the Background, the size and length of the border and also the HTML text.

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