Make Valid Facebook Comments HTML 5

Indeed the facebook comment box has a lot of errors. Not to mention if there are so many comments from visitors. It will add even more errors.
For those of you who are still using the STRICT or TRANSITIONAL doctype template, which still have not been successful, here's how you might try.

# Go to

# Click Application
#You will be taken in the image below (Fill it according to taste) After all, no one looks.

# Click continue and you will be taken to the image below

# Click Submit, and you will find it as below

# Save the results. And headed to

# If you already click Get Code
# The code above will be placed in a different place.
# Code no.1 we put it in the HTML EDIT under < body>

# If so, click save. For code no.2 we put it in ADD ELEMENT like adding a widget. (the size of the comment box is 500 by default. Please edit according to taste.
Put where you like, whether under the post, in the header or footer up to us.

So if we use strict or transitional, first click on the iframe.

Well. That's all about making valid facebook comments html 5. Hope it helps.

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