Making a Blog as a Source of Income, Here's How!

The development of the age makes many people can make money through a variety of unusual ways.
One of them is making money through blogs or relying on blogging activities or writing on blogs as a new source of income.
But for some people blogging activities are rather difficult because they do not understand the right steps.
Many people who just write on blogs without rules so that the goal to make money is not achieved.
Therefore it takes the right steps to be able to do this in order to generate profits.

Not just create a blog account, write, and then immediately get some money, but there are several steps that you need to do as follows which have been summarized from various sources.

1. Create a Blog on the Right Platform

Now there are many places that you can make for blogging. But what most people choose between WordPress or Blogger, because it is easy to use, free, safe enough, and can be adjusted by users.
However, every platform has advantages and disadvantages that bloggers often ignore.
For that, find out and understand in advance so you can choose the most appropriate.

2. Domain and Hosting Determination

Determine the domain and hosting
If the blog has been set up, you also have to specify the blog name and address of the blog or domain so that it can be accessed online. Determine a domain that is unique and in accordance with the concept and content desired from the start.

Also specify the hosting that will be used. Now there are many choices of hosting service providers. Before choosing, make sure you also consider one another so that you can get hosting that suits your needs and will certainly also be profitable.

3. Manage Blog Design

Do not forget to also pay attention to the design of the blog, whether it is as you wish or not.
If, it feels less attractive or not according to the concept, then you should be able to arrange an attractive blog design so that many people want to visit your blog.
In blogs usually free and paid themes and layouts are available to support the appearance of your blog.

4. Create Interesting Posts according to Target Readers

Create blog content with interesting writing according to the target audience The essence of blogs is interesting writing content.
This paper returns to the initial concept, whether the blog would like to be loaded like online media in general, which discusses many topics or focuses only on one topic such as traveling or only fiction writings.
Choose according to your interests and write using good language and interesting content.

In addition, make sure you also make the writing content in accordance with the target audience.
For example, if your goal is millennial, the writing is about their lifestyle.
That way your target audience can be achieved faster.

5. Building Communication with Readers

When your target audience meets your expectations, you shouldn't let them just come and read the blog.
You can try to communicate with them by taking approaches such as creating forums and communities or through comments.
This will allow readers to get to know you more closely.
Maintain that communication and continue to promote the blog so that the blog can be more widely known.

6. Open the Revenue Faucet with Ads

Enable advertising on the blog If the steps above have been done, you can open blog income directly.
You can use the facilities to place ads on the blog.
The more visitors read, the more readers click on the ad, the blog will certainly pour lots of money.

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